“Human consciousness is nothing but a cheap conjuring trick – a slither of primordial ooze flung out of the Big Bang that ended up haunting the atom.”
Ray Zinnick, author of Torn Awake: The Crisis Of Existence (RAI Press, 1999)

Hello. I’m a guy from the UK who makes short musical films – synth-based sounds with horror and sci-fi imagery.

When it came to naming the project, I really liked the above quote from Ray Zinnick. But then I would, as I made it, and him, up – which probably explains why the poor chap is having a crisis of existence.

The music in these videos is available on my Bandcamp page, to buy or stream, along with some exclusive B-sides, artwork and wordage – sometimes factual, sometimes fantastical.

And, of course, you’ll find me on social media too – the links to which are at the bottom of this page.